10 Home Selling Tips to Help You Sell Faster and Maximize Your Profit

If you want to sell your home quickly and for the most money possible, call the real estate professionals at Holloway & Associates! Here are our 10 specific home selling tips that will help you sell your home faster while maximizing your profit potential:

1) Get a Good Agent
A good agent will be your most important asset when it comes time to sell your home. A competent agent will be able to bring in buyers and provide you with sound advice during the negotiating process. The best agents are experienced and familiar with your neighborhood. With many years of experience, the real estate agents at Holloway & Associates are experts in helping people sell their homes in Northern Alabama & surrounding communities.

2) Price to Sell
To sell your home quickly, you will need to make sure it is priced to sell. Find out what the average buyer pays in your neighborhood, get a professional home appraisal, and talk to your real estate agent to come up with a price that will attract buyers and still give you the profits you’re looking for. Our agents at Holloway & Associates can help you pick a price to sell your home fast!

3) Have Your Home Inspected
To eliminate the chances of unexpected surprises during the sale and unpleasant lawsuits after the sale, you may want to consider having your home inspected. For as little as $150, you can have a professional home inspector look everything over and provide you with a detailed report.

4) Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes
A buyer will not look at your home the same way you do. Instead, they will walk through and look for potential problems. Don’t give them a chance to find fault with your home. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and examine every inch of your house before you put it on the market. Special things to concentrate on include repairs, cluttered spaces, and anything that appears less than clean.

5) Stage Your Home for a Showing
Before a showing, your home needs to look its best. This may mean moving furniture, organizing closets, and cleaning like mad. If this sounds too difficult or if you simply don’t have the time, you might want to consider hiring a professional stager to handle the job for you.

6) Make Yourself Scarce
Unless you are selling the home without the help of an agent, you have no reason to be present at showings. Buyers want to look at the place and think of it as their home, not your home. By being present at the showing, you run the risk of making the buyer uncomfortable and losing the sale.

7) Market Your Property
Buyers need to know that your house is for sale. You can accomplish this by asking our real estate agents to market the property through advertisements and open houses. The more people you reach the better your chances are of making a fast and profitable sale.

8) Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate
The housing market is very competitive in most areas. This means that buyers will be less willing to pay you the full asking price. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with potential buyers. If you both give in just a little, you might be able to sell your home quickly and for a decent price.

9) Offer a Home Warranty
When consumers make big purchases, they like to receive a warranty. A home purchase is no exception. If you can offer a home warranty to the buyer, they may be more likely to give you the price you are asking or choose your home over another. In most cases, home warranties can be purchased by a seller for $1,000 or less, and can be paid for at closing.

10) Offer Other Incentives
Home warranties aren’t the only incentives you can offer to buyers. You can also make your home more attractive by offering to pay association fees for the first year or by agreeing to make the buyer’s first two mortgage payments. These kinds of incentives can be used to bring buyers in or as part of the negotiation process.

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