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Property Deposit Rent Address Image Bed Bath Notes Amenities Directions
Apartment 35816$300.00$525.004931-Cotton-Row-Apt.-C21 1/2No Pets 1100 SFLR, EI Kit, Washer, DryerW Sparkman, R Cotton Row (Aspen Village)
Apartment 35816$300.00$500.001510-Halston-A-&-C22No Pets 1000 SFLR w/ Fireplace, Kit, W/DW Sparkman, L Bonnell, R Halston
Apartment 35816$300.00$500.001505-Halston-C22No Pets 900 SFLR, Kit, W/D ConnectionW Sparkman, L Bonnell, R Halston
Apartment 35758$300.00$495.00100-Michael-Ave.-Available-Sept.21No Pets 850 SFLR, EI Kit, W/D ConnectionW sparkman, 565 W, R Wall Triana/Sullivan, L Micha
Duplex 35806$300.00$550.00173-Baker-Rd-A231 1/2No Pets 1200 Sq FtLR, EI Kit, Laundry No CarpetW Sparkman, R Adventist Blvd, R Baker Rd
Townhouse 35801$600.00$600.002004-Reaches-Place-B-Pending22 1/2No Pets 1100 Sq FtLR, Fireplace, EI Kit, LaundryE Sparkman to Memorial Pkwy, R Blvd. S, L Benaroya
Apartment 35802$300.00$625.009014-Mahogany-Row-A22No Pets 1100 Sq FtLR w/ Fireplace, EI Kit, Laundry, Storage, Patio/dE Sparkman to S. Memorial Pkwy, L Weatherly, L Mah
Apartment 35802$300.00$700.009014-Mahogany-Row-B32No pets 1350 SFLR w/ Fireplace, EI Kit, Laundry, Storage, deckW Sparkman to S. Memorial Pkwy, L Weatherly, L Mah
House 35811$600.00$600.00407-S.-Plymouth-No-Sec.-821No Pets 1000 Sq FtLR, DR, Laudry Room, Fenced YardE Sparkman, L Pkwy, R Mastin Lake, L Edgemont, R P
House 35816$675.00$675.001921-Bluebird-Ave.-No-Sec.-831No Pets 1300 Sq FtLR, EI Kit,DR, Laundry Room, Hardwood Floors, FencE Sparkman, R Pulaski, L Oakwood Ave, R Bluebird
Townhouse 35758$650.00$650.00344-Oakland-Rd-No-Sec.-821 1/2No Pets 1100 Sq FtLR, Kit, W/D, Stove, Frig, Fenced YardSW Sparkman, R onto ramp to Decatur, Merge onto I-
House 35810$725.00$725.00623-Laurel-Dr.32No Pets 1300 Sq FtLR, EI Kit, Laudry, CarportNE Sparkman Dr, Continue onto Hwy 72, R Washington
House 35810$725.00$725.004508-Baywood31 1/2No Pets 1400 Sq ftLR, Den, EI Kit, Laundry, CarportW Sparkman, L Jordan, L Drake, R Triana, L Johnson
House 35816$750.00$750.00801-Fairway-No-Sec.-832No Pets 1400 Sq ftLR, DR, Laundry Room, 2 Porches, Refrig. StoveL Sparkman, S Jordan, L Holmes, L Fairway
House 35810$750.00$750.002801-Coosa-Circle-Pending32No Pets 1600 Sq FtLR, Kit, Den, 1 Car Garage, Fenced YardE Sparkman, L Blue Spring Rd, Cross Winchester, L
House 35806$750.00$750.001705-Armstrong31 1/2No PetsLR, DR, Den, Frig, Stove, Microwave, 1 Car Garage NE Sparkman, R Pulaski, R Poplar Ave, R Beard St,
House 35810$750.00$750.002214-Lynn-Pending31 1/2No Pets 1500 Sq FtLR, DR, Den, 1 Car GarageE Sparkman, L Blue Springs
House 35810$750.00$750.005204-Grizzard-Road42No PetsLR, EI Kit, Laudry Room, Stove, Storage Room, OutsSW Sparkman toward Oakwood Rd, R Jordan Ln, R Griz
House 35810$795.00$795.003629-Greenbriar-No-Sec.-832No Pets 1700 Sq FtLR, Den, 2 Car garageNE Sparkman, L Piney Branch, L Grizzard, R Angora,
House 35810$800.00$800.002611-Hilltop-Terrace-Pending32 1/2No Pets 1800 Sq FtLR/DR combo, Den, Kit, Lanudry, 1 Car garageE Sparkman, L Blue Springs, L Hilltop
House 35761$900.00$900.00302-Earnhardt-Available-Sept.32No Pets 1300 Sq FtGR, DR, EI Kit, 2 Car Garage, Fenced YardNE Sparkman, L 2 lanes to turn L on Access Rd, Ram
House 35816$1,050.00$1,050.004915-Alburta-Road42 1/2No PetsLR, Den, DR, Laundry Room, Fireplace, 2 Car GarageSW Sparkman toward Oakwood Rd, R Alburta
House 35763$1,100.00$1,100.00101-Rein-Dance-Available-August31 1/2No Pets 2830 Sq FtLR, Fireplace, Den, EI Kit, DR, 2 Car GargeS Pkwy, L Cox, L Hamer (Owens Crossroads) 3/4 mile
House 35749$1,195.00$1,195.00203-Calla-Lily-No-Sec.-832No Pets 1766 Sq FtLR, GR, EI Kit, Laundry Room, 2 Car Garage, Stove,Hwy 53 going toward TN, L Jim McLemore, 1st L onto
House 35803$1,195.00$1,195.002666-Ashtynn-Place-No-Sec.-832No Pets 1690 Sq FtLR, EI Kit, Kit. Island, Hardwood FloorsSparkman to N Memorial Pkwy, Follow Memorial Pkwy
House 35758$1,200.00$1,195.00126-Chestnut-Drive-No-Sec.-842No Pets 2261 Sq FtLR, Den, Bkfast Area, Basement, 1 Car Garage, HardTake Adventist Blvd NW and US-72 W to Walnut St in
House 35757$1,300.00$1,300.00346-Jasmine-Drive-NO-SECTION-843No Pets 4000 Sq FtLR, DR, EI Kit, Laundry Room, 2 car garage, 2 storW Sparkman, R Adventist Blvd, R Jeff, L Mt. Zion
Commercial/ previously a medical office$2,000.00$2,000.001920-Sparkman-Dr.832000 sfLR/DR combo, EI Kit. Large covered patio, W/D connE Sparkman, go thru Jordan intersection, office co
Professional Office Space$1,295.00$1,295.004833-Sparkman-Drive-(Huntsville-Area)-Suite-B5 offices21200 sfLR/DR combo, EI Kit. Large covered patio, W/D connAll Directions are from: Holloway & Associates 483

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